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Phönix Spagyric Homeopathic Medicine

General information about Spagyrics:

Spagyric homeopathic remedies are well known and have helped people since many years. Today  more and more are turning  to alternative health care for many reasons. Some simply want to avoid the rising cost of traditional health care, others the staggering side effects associated with allopathic drugs. Many already have discovered that enhancing our body's own systems or organ functions contributes to regain a better state of health. Homeopathy recognizes the patient as a whole and takes both the individual's physical and psychological components in consideration. While allopathic medicine merely suppresses symptoms, homeopathic medicines stimulate the patient's systems and organs to initiate and support the natural healing process.

Nature's Pharm "Phönix Spagyric Homeopathic-Medicine" are stimulating and supporting the natural healing process, Each individual product is composed to support the body as a whole not an individual symptom.  Any Phönix Homeopathic Medicine can be combined to address various issues.  

Order # Phönix Spagyrics 'C'-Homeopathics Size Helpful with:
7030105 Phönix C-1 50ml cold, flu, immune system support
7030110 Phönix C-1 100ml same
7030305 Phönix C-3 50ml detoxification, skin disorders, allergies
7030310 Phönix C-3 100ml same
7030405 Phönix C-4 50ml Stomach and intestinal flu
7030410 Phönix C-4 100ml same
7030505 Phönix C-5 50ml Arthritic and rheumatic problems
7030510 Phönix C-5 100ml same
7030605 Phönix C-6 50ml support for hyperfunction of the thyroid gland
7030610 Phönix C-6 100ml same
7030705 Phönix C-7 50ml Brochial asthma
7030710 Phönix C-7 100ml same
7030805 Phönix C-8 50ml Support for circulatory system
7030810 Phönix C-8 100ml same
7030905 Phönix C-9 50ml Bronchitis, expectorans
7030910 Phönix C-9 100ml same
7031205 Phönix C-12 50ml Menopause, anxiety
7031210 Phönix C-12 100ml same
7031305 Phönix C-13 50ml Anemia, iron deficiency
7031310 Phönix C-13 100ml same
7031505 Phönix C-15 50ml Rheumatic joint pain, inflammation
7031510 Phönix C-15 100ml same
7031605 Phönix C-16 50ml Low blood pressure
7031610 Phönix C-16 100ml same
7031705 Phönix C-17 50ml Support for under functioning thyroid
7031710 Phönix C-17 100ml same
7032205 Phönix C-22 50ml Lymph drainage remedy,
7032210 Phönix C-22 100ml same
7032305 Phönix C-23 50ml Detoxification through liver, liver support
7032310 Phönix C-23 100ml same
7032405 Phönix C-24 50ml Migraine, weather sensitivity
7032410 Phönix C-24 100ml same
7032505 Phönix C-25 50ml Gall bladder irritation, poor digestion of fat, cramps, inflammation
7032510 Phönix C-25 100ml same
7032605 Phönix C-26 50ml Weakness of kidneys, detoxification through kidneys
7032610 Phönix C-26 100ml same
7032805 Phönix C-28 50ml Gall bladder & kidney stone or gravel dissolvent
7032810 Phönix C-28 100ml same
7033005 Phönix C-30 50ml Nervousness
7033010 Phönix C-30 100ml same

All above products containing: 50ml - Reg. $27.55
Your Price:  $23.42

100ml - Reg. $49.60
Your Price:    $42.16


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