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Phönix Homeopathic Medicine

General information about homeopathy:

Homeopathic remedies are well known and have helped since over 200 years. Today people are turning more and more to alternative health care for many reasons. Some simply want to avoid the rising cost of traditional health care, others the staggering side effects associated with allopathic drugs. Many already have discovered that enhancing our body's own systems or organ functions contributes to regain a better state of health. Homeopathy recognizes the patient as a whole and takes both the individual's physical and psychological components in consideration. While allopathic medicine merely suppresses symptoms, homeopathic medicines stimulate the patient's systems and organs to initiate and support the natural healing process.

Nature's Pharm "Phönix Homeopathic Remedies" consists of complex remedies (Globules, Ointments and liquids), manufactured by Phönix Laboratorium GmbH in Germany. The individual remedies are stimulating and supporting the natural healing process and can be combined with any of our Phönix Spagyric Medicine.

NOTE: All information, and traditional use of the here listed herbs, is for information purposes only and not intended for self treatment of diseases. In case of a disease, consultation of a professional health care provider is highly recommended.


105 Lexington Rd., Unit 7, Waterloo, ON N2J 4R7
Tel: 519-886-5178 Toll Free: 1-888-569-2345